Redbutton positions itself as a key promoter of sustainable fashion in Africa, innovating with sustainable materials, production processes, packaging, and marketing. We are constantly raising our sustainability level as we explore and implement new ideas and technology, geared towards reducing our fashion carbon footprint, improving transparency across our supply chain, and creating solutions for circularity. Every garment is made with that level of consciousness.

Redbutton has recently joined the list of fashion companies globally who are driving Supply Chain Transparency. In 2022, Redbutton launched their Digital ID technology that gives consumers access to the garment’s supply chain information, to boost customer trust, tell their stories cohesively and profitably scale the business model such that every design has its own digital identity, and the production process of that design can be tracked and seen by all. This implies that from the point of sourcing, to production, to the sale, every design has a barcode that it’s identified with and can be scanned to view the full details of operations, production, materials, and locations.


Responsible Production

From the artisans we work with, to the tailors, to the corporate services staff, are fairly compensated. Our materials are sourced from different cities across Nigeria and are 80% handmade. Our cut-outs/textile waste are upcycled into new garments in partnership with other textile recycling companies.

Supply chain transparency

Our customers and all stakeholders have access to our supply chain information through a QR code scannable from the garments, our packaging materials and on our website.

Circularity – Resale and Rental  

RedXchange provides a no-inventory digital fashion resale and rental platform, where individuals can resell and rent the fashion items in their wardrobes and either make or save money doing that. This ensures that all our investment pieces, high fashion items, red carpet and wedding dresses can start generating income instead of lying idle, and on the other hand, you can save money renting coveted fashion pieces from their owners for single use instead of outright purchase. (


Sustainability and innovation is part of our culture and DNA, which drives us to achieve the following results;

  • Create future forward products
  • Gain more customer loyalty
  • Reduce fashion waste
  • Create more social impact especially for women, our Xchangers and the artisans we work with.
  • Render our products as a service (Redbutton products into RedXchange service)
  • Attract and retain the kind of talent we need
  • Establish a positive legacy for the next generation