Emerging top 5 sustainable fashion designers, on the Farouz Nigeria ‘Green Access Program’, Redbutton was sponsored to showcase at the coveted Lagos Fashion Week 2019 runway. Using Fashion as a tool for change, this mini collection titled ‘Ocean’s Dream’ sought to project the state of our water bodies and what it should look like. 

We are constantly faced with plastic, chemicals and textile waste polluting our water bodies, also currently experiencing the havoc caused by water hyacinths (hazardous sea weed) in the coastal areas of Nigeria. 

To preserve marine lives and minimize the havoc caused by this invasive weed, we have used upcycled water hyacinths (as fabric panels) and coconut shells (as buttons) to create statement fashion pieces.

Other materials used are hand dyed and upcycled fabrics.We can all agree that Denola Grey did justice to this piece on the runway – and consequently, this piece has been named ‘The Denola Kimono’.