Redbutton emerges winner of the Creative Business Cup, Nigeria 2019 and is set to represent the country at the Global Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark in July, 2019.

Chioma Ogbudimkpa, who is the Founder and Creative Director of Redbutton, was in the battle to win the Creative Business Cup Nigeria 2019, amongst over 2,500 other businesses in the creative sector in Nigeria. Chioma pitched her way to the finals and emerged the first ever winner of the Creative Business Cup Nigeria, on the 5th of April, 2019. Redbutton made a case for sustainable fashion – upcycling waste materials to make fashion pieces.

Our just released REGENERATE collection featuring pieces made from water hyacinths and coconut shells were in focus. Redbutton is now named the Most Creative Business in Nigeria, 2019 according to the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Nigeria.

Chioma will join other winners around the world in the battle for the Global Creative Business Cup schedule to happen in Copenhagen, Denmark in June, 2019.

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